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The Faires House

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This is the oldest still standing house in McKinney. Built in 1854 by John Faires, the distinguishing features of Greek Revival architecture are evident throughout the home. The Faires House was in the line of fire during the only battle the Civil War fought in McKinney. Civil War bullets were found in the house when it was being moved to its present location.


The Chapel Available for Weddings

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In 1994 the Foote Baptist Church was moved to Chestnut Square and carefully renovated to its turn-of-the-century splendor representing a typical congregational meeting house of Collin County. Rededicated as the Chapel at Chestnut Square, the Chapel offers a beautiful Victorian setting ideal for weddings, receptions, meetings, and parties.

The Chapel at Chestnut Square is sponsored by the Chapel at Chestnut Square congregation.


The Dulaney Cottage

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Built in 1875 by Joseph E. Dulaney, this little Victorian cottage displays the careful detailing that builders put into the homes of newly prosperous families who were just recovering from the rigors of the Civil War. The rooms have been carefully furnished with furniture that is authentic for the period in which the home was built, and each piece of furniture is from Collin County families.


The Dulaney House

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The Dulaney Museum, built in 1916 for Mrs. Joseph Dulaney, is used by the Heritage Guild for meetings, luncheons, and private parties. The home displays a prairie-style two-story architecture with a wrap-around porch. An eclectic collection of furnishings and artifacts, as well as the vintage clothing dating from the 1860's through the flapper era, will capture the attention of young and old.

The Taylor House

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The Taylor House was built in 1863, and purchased by Armstead J. Taylor at a public auction in 1868. The house was well located for use as an inn and accommodated passengers on the stage lines. When the H&TC Railroad came to McKinney in 1872, the drummers, arriving by train to call on local merchants, found the inn an ideal "bed and breakfast" house at 25ยข a night, and out of this the name "Two-Bit Taylor Inn" came into local use.

The Two- Bit Taylor Inn is sponsored by the Holiday Inn & Suites of McKinney.


The John H. Johnson House

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The John H.Johnson House, built in the early 1870's in the "Folk Victorian" style, was occupied continuously by the descendants of Mr. Johnson until the Heritage Guild acquired the home for restoration in 1987. A fiery political figure who had a distinguished career in the Texas Legislature and Senate, Johnson served as Captain in the Confederate Army and authored the Texas Homestead Law.


Dixie's Store

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Built in 1918, Dixie's Store was moved to Chestnut Square in 1996 and is in the process of being restored. This building has a soft spot in the hearts of many of McKinney's former school children. Dixie would give soft drinks to children who brought a straight "A" report card to her attention

Dixie's Store is sponsored by the Wal-Mart Stores of McKinney.


The Bevel Reception House

The Bevel House is a 1920 era Arts and Crafts bungalow that is currently used for wedding receptions, parties and events. It was renovated in 2007 and opened as the Bevel Reception House at Chestnut Square in July, 2007. The name Bevel House comes from the original owner of the property, Will A. Bevel who moved to Collin County when he was nine years old. Initially he was a farmer, then engaged in ginning and the grocery business, owning the blue store on the corner of Bevoe and McDonald.

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