Dixie’s Store

Shop at Dixie’s Store for Unique Gifts for All Ages!

Built in 1918, Dixie’s Store was moved to Chestnut Square in 1994.  This building has a soft spot in the hearts of many of McKinney’s former school children.  Dixie would give soft drinks or candy to local children who brought a straight “A” report card to her attention.  She would also paddle those who acted up in her store…and they had to sign their names on the paddle!  Drop by to see this infamous “Paddle”!!

Come take a step back in time and visit our recreated general store!  Learn how shopping used to be (not quite like the way we shop today).

Check out a portion of “Doc and Clyde’s” Ice Cream Freezer Museum that has moved into Dixie’s Store.  More of the collection will be making it’s way to Dixie’s Store in the future!!

Dixie’s Store offers handcrafted items made by our crafters guild.  During the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from April through November, Dixie’s Store offers cold drinks, air conditioning and candy!!

Dixie's Store

Dixie’s Store Hours

Dixie’s Store is currently undergoing a small remodel and will be open sometime in the near future.