Please take a moment to donate to Chestnut Square

This will help us maintain Collin County’s heritage for today and for future generations.

When you contribute to our operating fund, you help to maintain a piece of Collin County’s heritage. The founders of The Heritage Guild of Collin County gave us a great gift when they set up Chestnut Square. Very few cities have saved a piece of their heritage for future generations….many are now trying to recreate their lost heritage through replicas. The citizens of Collin County have truly been blessed by the foresight of the women who founded The Heritage Guild of Collin County and acquired the initial property and houses that became Chestnut Square. We have also been blessed over the years by ongoing donations and grants that have allowed us to continue to grow the Square and build educational programming and events.

Your donation will go toward the ongoing maintenance of the facilities and programs. 64% of our annual operating budget is spent on maintaining the grounds and facilities – expenses like insurance, utilities, repairs, and lawn maintenance. To illustrate the impact your donation can have, here are some examples of how far your donation can go to help pay for the operation of Chestnut Square Historic Village:

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The Heritage Guild of Collin County and Chestnut Square are a 501c 3 non-profit corporation.