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Shop at Dixie's Store for Unique Gifts for All Ages! 

Built in 1918, Dixie's Store was moved to Chestnut Square in 1996. This building has a soft spot in the hearts of many of McKinney's former school children. Dixie would give soft drinks or candy to local children who brought a straight "A" report card to her attention.  She would also paddle those who acted up in her store…and record their names on the store paddle!  Today, Dixie’s Store serves as a memory of a simpler shopping time and a gift store for Chestnut Square. 

Dixie's Store offers home crafted items and fun toys that take children back to simpler play.  We also stock local history books and photos.  During the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from April through October, Dixie’s store will offer cold Dr. Pepper, Root Beer and Coca-Colas!

Dixie's Store Hours

Tu-Fri 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Stop by the Visitors Center first)

Saturday 8:00 a.m. - noon (during Farmers Market)

Don't have time to get out to Dixie's Store? Order online. Here are some of our favorite Holiday items:



If you've visited Chestnut Square you've probably met our ambassador, Chester the Cat.  Chester adopted us in 2011 and has been greeting visitors since then!  He loves to accompany the docents on tours and hangs out in Dixie's Store during the Farmers Market.  He's always up to something and now he has a book documenting his escapades!  "Chester of Chestnut Square" is the first in a series of books that introduce young and old to Chester, Chestnut Square and McKinney's History.  Order your book today.  Hardback versions are $24.95, soft covers are $12.95.  Make the story come to life with your very own plush Chester toy priced at $5.  Need a hand made bag to carry Chester and his book in?  Our Chestnut Square Crafters have created one of a kind Chester bags priced at $7. 


Chester Book

Plush Toy

Chester Bag



The Historic McKinney Farmers Market was voted #2 in Texas and #3 in the nation in the Farmland Trust America's Favorite Farmers Market contest.  Now you can have a taste of the market for your kitchen with "Local Flavors, Recipes from the Historic McKinney Farmers Market".  Full of great recipes from our vendors and customers and great pictures from L.C. Tobey this is a true keepsake!  Order one for you and more foryour friends an family!  $12.

Order The Cookbook



Share your love of Chestnut Square!  New in 2012...four signature mugs with pictures of the Chapel, Dulaney House, Faires House and Taylor Inn.  Also available fun caps with Chestnut Square logo.  Order for family and friends!   Mugs are $8 each and hats are $15 each. 

Order Your CS Mug

Order Your CS Hat





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